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    Temporary Power Solutions

    When a disaster strikes, there’s no time to waste. Emergency vehicles, lights and equipment need to operate. Cell tower sites, call centers, hospitals, ambulances, and businesses with complex technical systems need communication to the outside world.

    Some of the world’s most devastating natural disasters have proved that disaster recovery groups must first address the need for adequate fuel, electricity, and communications in order to function. Without these elements, disaster recovery fails.

    Successful first responders require temporary mobile power deployment before permanent infrastructure can be put in place. In some instances, these emergency power systems must work for extended periods of time.

    In many emergency situations, power and other utilities are generally not available. Advanced3R is not reliant on these resources to perform restoration services. Much of the equipment utilizes self-contained power and fuel. In addition, Advanced3R utilizes a full complement of emergency generators to provide power to equipment to insure you’re back in your building in the shortest possible time.

    Contact us for more detailed information on our fast and dependable temporary power solutions.

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    Our team at Advanced3R takes great pride in their trade and customer satisfaction is always our number one concern. After decades of experience in the disaster recovery and electrical services industries, we’ve learned the best thing we can do is treat people how we would like to be treated. So rest assured, your company is in capable and caring hands.

    Our contractors are dedicated to getting your business back where it was, and doing so with great customer service and attention to detail. Our professional staff is ready to help with everything from initial planning of your project through the final clean up and walk through. Our commitment to quality workmanship is only matched by our dedication to your complete satisfaction.

    As a company, it is our values that drive us. Together we live these values every day, because we know that is why our clients love working with us. Our promise is simple: You can trust us to ensure your building project is as efficient and painless as possible and together, we will be 100% get you back where you need to be.

    If quality restoration services are a priority for you, give our specialists a call today!